Instead of just flowers why not ask family and friends to remember and celebrate them with words and pictures. Invite them to create their lasting memories in their own unique story which can be handed down from generation to generation.




Tips on how to structure your book

This is a reflection and celebration of the life and achievements of the deceased as well as a loving memorial.

As with any story it has a start, middle and end. So you may want to start by telling and showing of this person’s earlier days in the first page or two.

Then the main part maybe about their special achievements, milestones or special moments, such as, their first job, their best friend, their first car or pet, what they cherished the most, what they achieved, awards, promotion, recognition or how you saw this person flourish throughout the years.

You may want to close the story with a poem or words from you about how fondly you remember them and what traits you most admired about them etc.

Please select your choice of cover from the above options when creating your group. You will have the option to upload your own image at that time if you would prefer.