Your Own Creation

You may have ideas of other products you would like to create. Here you can create and customise your very own designs and creations or just look at our ideas for some inspiration.

Get Inspired

Here you can really show off your creative skills. You may create virtually any book or story you wish.

Here are just a few examples of what you can create in this section.

Create a cookery book of recipes which are dear to you and which may have been handed down from your parents or grandparents. Or you as a parent or grandparent wish to hand down to the younger generation, to preserve tradition or simply because they are delicious! Make one book and have several copies which you can give as gifts for Christmas etc.

Make a collection of maybe 5 or 7 bedtime stories to read to your children, one for each day of the week, but written (or interpreted) by you, so they are unique and a gift to treasure into their adulthood to read to their children.

Encourage your children to create a book for a homework project. This is a fun, memorable and individual way for them to present their work and will be something to be proud of. This will also help stimulate their creativity and help improve their computer skills

You may have a colleague you have worked with for some time, who is leaving or retiring. Why not set up a group account and each create an individual book reliving your work days together. This would make a great leaving gift which they can keep to help them remember the good times you all had.

Maybe a collection book about someone dear to you and the cars they have owned to date, or the pets they have had, holidays you have been on together, anything that takes your fancy really, as the title of this section states, it’s up to you.

Why not create a family history book documenting the various lives and history of your current and past family members to pass on to younger and future family members, so they may have an understanding and appreciation of their ancestors.

Get Creative and design and create your very own collection or one off book, about whatever you want.